Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Disga 2: Dark Hero Days PSP Game

Name:Disga 2: Dark Hero Days PSP Gamere: Action gameFile type: ISORar size:482.43 MB
Description:In the pceful world of Veldime, humans rarely encountered monsters. That was until Overlord Zenon cursed the land and all who reside within. With the curse in place, the humans became monsters and ravaged the world. It is up to A, the last remaining human, to oppose Overlord Zenon’s tyranny and restore pce and harmony to Veldime. In Disga 2, players will take on the role of a young fighter named A and travel the Netherworld to deft the evil overlord Zenon. Battles will take place on a 3D grid-based field. During combat, players will take turns with the enemy to move and attack.
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