Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Download Knight Fortix 2 PSP ISO Game

Name: Knight Fortix 2re: Action GameFile type: ISORar size: 200.22 MB
In Fortix 2, players take control of Sir Fortix, whose aim is to conquer 35 castles in order to liberate the land of Artalom from the curse of evil mage, Xitrof. ch castle is placed on it’s own unique map, the overall aim being to rch the castle in the middle and lift it’s curse. Fencing off the surrounding ars of land allows Sir Fortix to move around freely, changing the game world in the process; wastelands become lush landscapes, and bloodthirsty dragons become seed-picking pigeons. Mnwhile, freeing cursed apults and power-up spells rewards players with special abilities and attacks, adding a wicked risk/reward facet to Fortix 2′s gameplay structure.
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