Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MX vs. A Reflex PSP game

MX vs. A Reflex PSP
The core focus of the game allows for the player to racemotocrossandsupercrosson motocross bikes orAs. The game also includes events such as omnicross, free ride, champion sport track, waypoint racing, andfreestyle motocross.Although the game is part of theMX vs. Aseries,Reflexwas built from the ground up fturing a new control scheme and physics engine. The new control scheme is labeled "reflex" which utilizes both analog sticks. The left analog controls the handlebars while the right analog stick controls the rider's body movement. The reflex system allows for unprecedented control and manipulation by allowing the player to 'ride' the motorcycle and other vehicles as they actually would. Tricks have been simplified from the previous games as the player only needs to hold the modifier button and use the right stick to make different combinations and flips.

MX vs. A Reflex PSP
Relse Date: December 1, 2009
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Tantalus , Rainbow Studios
re: Racing
Download | ISO | 1part | 206mb

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