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Unbound Saga PSP game

Unbound Saga PSP
Unbound Sagais a2.5Dside-scrollingbt 'em upgame.The game is played as though the character is rding a comic book. In individual comic panels the player character fights off his enemies using a combination of three attacks, which can be chained together incombos. When a character is defted the hand of The Maker apprs and draws additional enemies.In order to complete a panel, the player must deft all the enemies The Maker draws. As a panel is completed, the character jumps to the next one, similar toComix Zone. The environment locales vary and include ars such as sewers, city slums, jungles and tundra.ch of the game's two playable characters has a unique animation set and fighting style.Rick uses a fighting style similar to wrestling and can also pick up and throw enemies. Lori's moveset is more reminiscent of kung fu, and she has the ability to use smoke pellets to snk up on enemies.Characters moves and abilities can be upgraded to rn and upgrade more powerful attacks.Two players can tm up to complete the game on the Xbox 360, ch taking a respective character.Objects can also be picked up and thrown. These objects decay into smaller objects after ch use.

Unbound Saga PSP
Relse Date: July 16, 2009
Publisher: Vogster Entertainment
Developer:Vogster Entertainment
re: Action
Download | ISO | 1part | 212mb

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